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Current Projects

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We are continually working on new projects, some of which we will be listing here. Please keep check on this page to keep in touch with what is happening at Stumkat Studios!

List of current projects:

  • Dung Beetle momentoes: produced for Agforce with similar design for Soilcam late 2003. These scientificly accurate mementoes of Spinypes rubris were commissioned as gifts of gratitude for those landholders who contributed to the 2003 Dung beetle release programme.

  • Small Resin Touch Models: "Small" is touch models for signage at Goomburra state park with a glossy black cockatoo feather set in resin and a galaxius fish also set in resin.

  • Bronze Rooster: Bronze rooster is a sculpture commission for a lady client who wanted "good luck" for her kitchen by having a rooster in it.

  • "Sandstone Family" or modern family is a artists impression of the contemporary family.

  • "Bodhi Stones" Commissioned by GOMA 2006 in partnership with artist Mee Lingwei

  • Kronosaurus donations box Richmond fossil Museum 2008

Rocket Frog Sculpture

Isisford Croc

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