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Dinosaur Reconstructing

Items produced in this field are meticulously researched and checked by relevant experts to achieve a scientifically accurate reproduction. Often a project will be compiled of 40 % research with the remanding 60% to construction depending on available reference material. Sculptures can be constructed for indoor or outdoor application. Currently undertaking research for www.kronosauruskorner.com.au

List of projects:

Muttaburrasaurus langdoni: Produced while employed by the Queensland Museum Paul assembled and finish the first skeleton at the tender age of 17 under the guidance of senior preparator Steve Newlands. Further skeletons where produced for Hughenden, Tasmania and the Western Australia museum.

Megalania prisca and Miolania oweni (renamed to Ninjemys oweni): Models sculpted and painted by Paul Stumkat for the 1990 QM exhibition 'Dragons and Diprotodonts' With the Megalania being partially animatronic.

Palorchestes: An extinct tapir like marsupial produce for the Riversleigh interpretation centre Mt Isa. This animatronic creation was designed and sculpted by Laurie Beirne with 'Stumkat Studios' producing the animatronic skin, fur and finish. Many other models where produced by 'Stumkat Studios' for this popular museum.

Thylacoleo carnifix: This fantastic extinct marsupial lion still entertains children with it's animatronic flicking of ears and tail. Also produced by Paul in 1990 for the 'Dragons and Diprotodonts' exhibition QM.

Tropaeum imperator: An extinct giant ammonite from the Cretaceous fauna of Queensland. This model uses plastics and reflective paints to achieve its brilliant finish, Museum of Tropical Queensland Townsville.



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