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Museum Taxidermy and Dioramas

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Taxidermy is a fascinating art form originating in with the Natural History field. Although consider somewhat macabre. It is the process of realising an animal back to what it looked like when alive. Often the process involves removing and curing the skin then using sculpture skills to produce an accurate model over which the skin is then positioned and sewn. Good taxidermists can be measured by their attention to sculptural elements coupled with a good knowledge of the animal and its habits.

List of completed projects:

  • Loggerhead turtle. Mon Repos turtle rookery interpretation centre, Queensland National Parks (1994)

  • Currumbin Bird Sanctuary Mounted eagle and insect models, Queensland Trust (1998)

  • Pine river shire historical centre. Frog model and taxidermy of Common Ringtail Possum (2003)

  • Pandora Museum Townsville Various diorama and models features include artificial water and props for 'The Prisoners Box' Diorama and 'Running out the Gun' interactive

  • Taxidermy for Endangered Species Display and Marine Reptiles Display, Queensland Museum permenant exhibitions

  • Women of The West exhibition, Taxidermy, Queensland Museum.

  • Isisford Crocodile, Isisfordia duncani

  • Mon Repo Turtle centre, Bundaberg. LoggerHead turtle nesting.


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