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Paul Stumkat
Associate Diploma of Visual Arts
Certificate in Science, Palaeontology

Paul is an award winning Natural History Artist. He has developed skills and recieved numerous qualifications in a broad range of artistic and associated fields.

With a background in museum preparation work, he has spent the last 40 years sculpting models of extinct animals, including taxidermy of some of Australia’s rarest marsupials. Scientific experts are consulted as are scientific journals, in order to achieve accurate reconstructions of the subject. Pauls experience in this field has been both local and international and his work has been commissioned by Australian museums and international collectors with some material used by the movie industry.

With his extensive knowledge and international experience, Paul also creates his works of art using traditional mediums such as bronze, steel and stone. Current work is in Mt Gambier Limestone. A great soft stone for teaching sculptural skills to students

Paul is an active member in a number of local Australian Art and Sculptural Societies. He has lectured on "Taxidermy" and conducts workshops on "Stone, Steel and Bronze" for Queensland Museum, QWAS and Society of Sculptors Queensland.

Paul's previous employment was as Kronosaurus Korner's Museum Curator. The best Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in outback Queensland.


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